TCB provides turn-key services





Hydroelectrical and Civil Construction Services

TCB’s highly skilled, experienced team specializes in all facets of hydromechanical and civil construction,
from minor repairs and routine maintenance to new construction and major overhauls. So when it comes to hydroelectric turbines and ancillary equipment, Team TCB has the know-how to deliver your project on time, safely, and within budget, while always remaining committed to extending the life cycle of your plant and keeping it operating at peak level.

Rapid response and preventative maintenance
No one understands the sense of urgency during equipment failures or works harder than TCB to respond when you need us. In most cases we can begin mobilization and react the very next day. Plus, we offer systematic inspections, preventive maintenance and scrupulous record keeping that help keep your unit running efficiently while preventing unplanned downtime and unanticipated equipment failure.

What can TCB do for you?

The following are just partial lists of our capabilities in this area, but TCB is fully committed to crafting specific, complete solutions for your particular installation, repair or replacement project. For full details and personalized service, contact us today.

Hydroelectrical installation, repair and replacement services

• Turbine inspection & maintenance
• Thrust bearings
• Bearing adjustments
• Specialty rigging
• Trash rakes
• Wicket gate adjustments
• Servo motors
• Runner repairs
• Field welding
• Cavitation repairs
• Pipe fabrication & installation
• Cooling water systems
• Penstock repairs
• Pumps
• Hydraulic systems
• Fish screens
• Pressure relief valves

Civil Construction

• Concrete foundations
• Concrete repairs
• Weirs
• Drainage
• River control & reclamation
• Excavation & trenching
• Underground piping
• Culverts
• Flood control
• Demolition
• Shoring
• Coffer dams
• Gate structure repairs
• Dam repairs
• Deep foundations
• Pilings

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Millwright Mechanical Services

A strong foundation for your success

TCB’s experienced millwright team is committed to the success of your facility and is ready to create a
solution that fulfills your unique requirements. Our millwright services include installation, repairs and
maintenance, and we’re prepared to offer top-quality workmanship on projects like these:

• Hydroelectric turbines
• Industrial machinery and equipment
• Pumps
• Motors
• Fans
• Material handling equipment
• Gearboxes
• Conveyor systems
• Extruders
• Cooling systems
• Compressors
• Generators
• Synchronous drives
• Presses
• Hydraulic systems

Machinery moving and plant relocation

Whether it’s a single machine move or the relocation of a whole plant, this service is a TCB specialty, and
our team is made up of experienced, efficient riggers you can trust. We can handle single machines
weighing thousands of pounds to hundreds of tons, complete manufacturing systems or entire facilities,
and we’re ready to lift and move all types of equipment including:

• Generators
• Transformers
• Shear & stamping presses
• Manufacturing equipment
• Boilers & heat recovery generators
• Chillers & cooling towers
• Tanks & pressure vessels
• Dryers, furnaces & kilns
• Medical equipment
• Condensers & heat exchangers

Alignment services

TCB Industrial provides in-field precision alignment and measurement services for all types of machinery
during mechanical installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Our alignment specialists are trained
and experienced in all types of alignment methods from rotating shaft alignments to precision elevation
setting and leveling. TCB also provides consulting, alignment inspections and analysis.

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Industrial Piping Solutions

Design, Fabrication and Installation

TCB is a leading fabricator and installer of heavy industrial piping and plumbing systems for power generation, manufacturing, automotive, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, and many other operations.

Our services are provided by an expert team of pipefitters & welders — some of the best trained, most highly skilled ASME code certified fabricators available anywhere. These pros will assist you with every aspect of your project, from system layout and budget planning to installation and project execution.

Count on TCB for industrial piping solutions in these areas:
• Power generation & hydroelectric
• Food grade
• Waste treatment
• Chiller water /cooling systems
• Hydronic heating systems
• Medical gas systems
• Oxygen, nitrogen & CO2 systems
• Natural gas
• Chemical systems
• Utility piping
• Water & steam systems
• Compressed air & vacuum systems
• Seismic supports

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General Construction

From the biggest picture to the smallest detail

When it comes to the successful completion of construction projects, TCB recognizes the importance of understanding the big picture as well as the small details. Whether it’s a simple tenant improvement project or a large-scale industrial build, our experience provides a solutions-oriented perspective that keeps projects on schedule and within budget. Our general construction and civil services include construction, repairs, & maintenance of:

• Dams & Hydroelectric projects
• Concrete construction
• Bridges
• Weirs & dams
• Buildings
• Lift stations/pumping
• Tenant improvements
• Site work
• Water supply
• Flood control
• Inland waterways

• Shipyards, ports & harbors
• Pipelines
• Underground
• Chemical plants
• Mines and metallurgical plants
• Land leveling and earthmoving projects
• Excavating, grading, trenching
• Fixed works projects
• Recreational improvements
• Structural improvements
• Docks & wharves

Diversified concrete construction

TCB Industrial is one of Northern California’s most experienced, diversified, and respected contractors providing concrete construction for projects of all sizes and scale. We know the ins and outs of structural concrete and equipment foundations like no one else, and that knowledge, along with ultra-responsive service, can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one. The services we offer include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

• Structural concrete
• Concrete slabs, footings & pits
• Cast-in-place concrete
• Tank & equipment foundations
• Concrete retaining walls
• Complex machinery foundations
• Concrete fracture repairs

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Welding & Metal Fabrication

Meeting and exceeding industry standards

TCB Industrial trade welders combine years of experience with the latest industry technology and processes to deliver safe, high- quality, on- and off-site welding and fabrication services across a wide spectrum of industries. We specialize in ASME and AWS code welding on most types of metals, from carbon and stainless steel to alloys and aluminum. TCB field and shop welding services include:

• Brazing & soldering
• ASME section IX
• AWS D1.1
• Structural steel
• Cavitation repairs & overlays
• Piping systems
• Conveyor systems
• Custom fabrication