Contra Costa Water District Eastside Boat Ramp

Contra Costa Water District

Rock Slough Fish Screen Improvements

Eastside Boat Ramp

Location: Oakley, California
Year Completed: 2020

TCB was awarded the Rock Slough Fish Screen Improvements project in June of 2020.  The project scope had multiple subprojects of work to be performed, one being the construction of the Eastside boat ramp.

The time constraints set forth for the in-water work were very stringent, however Team TCB was successful with on time completion. 

TCB self-performed the surveying and layout of the ramp, excavation of the ramp, and panel setting.  Lassen Pile of Proberta, California set the sheet piles creating a coffer dam, allowing for a dry work area for TCB to set the toe of the ramp, and bottom ramp pieces that would normally be submerged.

TCB Partnered with Universal Precast Concrete of Redding, California to produce the 18 custom precast panels for the 108’ ramp.  This was the first time TCB or Universal Precast had seen a boat ramp to be constructed in this fashion, as the panel design called for interlocking “puzzle piece” sections.  Universal Precast Concrete produced its castings with such precision, making the construction of the ramp straightforward.

TCB looks forward to the continued work with Contra Costa Water District, and the construction of the Westside boat ramp in 2021.