COVID-19 Employee Protocol

TCB Industrial COVID-19 Employee Protocols

Anyone who can complete their work functions from home should do so.

All Employees, regardless if working from home or not, must complete the daily COVID-19 health survey.

It also has been sent as a calendar reminder with the link. You may NOT step on the work ground without completing this first!

If you do not have a way to check your temperature, Thermometers will be provided. Please ask your supervisor for further instructions.

If you have any of these symptoms or answered yes to any of the daily health survey should NOT come to work and contact your supervisor immediately.

·         Chronic Coughing

·         Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

·         Wheezing

·         Persistent pain or pressure in your chest

·         Fever

·         Chills

It is the employee’s responsibility to disinfect their personal work space daily. Cleaning supplies are located under kitchen sink.

Hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19, masks and gloves is available and located in the office supply room.

All employees should practice social distancing. Please keep at least a 6 feet distancing at all times. If there is a need to be closer, we are encouraging the use of a facial mask.

All common areas are disinfected daily. The log is located on the kitchen refrigerator.

All TCB employees are to park in the in the parking lot located to the right of the office building and use the entrance located on that side of the building.

All Accelerated employees are to park in the parking lot located on the left of the office building and use the entrance located on that side of the building.

The front entrance should remain locked to prevent any non-employee from entering the building.

Delivery people will be directed to the right side entrance of the parking lot to make deliveries or pickups. They should NEVER enter the office building and are required to have gloves & masks on.

I acknowledge that I have read the Company’s Response to COVID-19 (“Response”) and that I understood it and agree to comply with it. I further acknowledge that I have been reminded of the Company’s Safety Policy and understand that it is my responsibility to be familiar with it and abide by its terms. This Response is not promissory and does not set terms or conditions of employment or create an employment contract.