Kings River Power House

Kings River Power House
Wicket Gate Servo Refurbishments


Location: Fresno County
Year Completed: 2019

The Kings River Powerhouse is a single unit facility on the North Fork Kings River, located approximately 37 miles southeast of Auberry, California.  During the planned 2019 outage, the owner upgraded the mechanical governor to a digital Governor.  At this time, we were given the opportunity to remove both wicket gate servo’s and send them out for refurbishment.  All position and alignment information were recorded prior to component disassembly.  Our team of Millwrights utilized their exceptional rigging skills to remove both servos through the turbine pit, transferring them across the turbine floor allowing for complete removal through the main hatch.  TCB Industrial engineered and fabricated a specialty picking device, as well as a picking plate that was precisely mounted to the ceiling of the turbine floor, which ultimately enabled us to transfer to servos out of the PRV pit. While the servos were out for refurbishment, our team continued to work on the preliminary set for the wicket gates. Upon return the servos were reinstalled mirroring the way they were removed. Once in place elevations were shot in with a Brunson optical level, and as-left measurements were taken.  The final wicket gate adjustments were made along with the shutter clearance readings.  TCB Industrial was pleased with the outcome of this project and we look forward to working with the owners and providing mechanical assistance in the future.